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Charity Sky Dive

02 August 2014 - 08:30

Our 2014 charity sky dive is all set! Register your interest now. 

Jump with our team at Hinton Airfied near Brackley... you will free fall for 30 seconds from 13,000ft then your shoot opens for an exhilarating ride down to the ground!  Not one for the faint hearted!

You can register and jump in one of two ways!

Option 1         We cover the cost of your dive in return for a minimum £400 sponsorship

Option 2         You cover the cost of your dive (£230) and then you raise as much as you can for us

Email us now at admin@animals-in-need.org to join our team!

Want to know what to expect... check out last years dive...


Not brave enough to dive?  You can still support our fundraisers as follows:








More Information...

Can anyone skydive?

Most people have no problems. The weight limit for AFF and Tandem jumps is 15 stone and these weights must be in proportion to your overall height. You do need to be in good health with average fitness for AFF jumps. You do not need to be in excellent health to do a Tandem Jump but certain conditions may effect this so if you are in any doubt then please consult your GP.

If you are over 40 you will need a doctor's stamp on a medical form (this will be sent with the information pack). If you are over 16, (minimum age), and under 18, you will require parent/guardian permission.

There is no maximum age for Tandem skydiving however the maximum age for AFF courses is 55 years old