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Resident Animals

This group of animals are now permanent residents at Animals In Need for various reasons. They love visitors so why not pop in and meet them. If any one of them are really special to you, why not talk to a member of staff about sponsoring them?


Earl is a two year old legal pitbull terrier.  He is licensed to live with us in the kennels at Animals In Need but we cannot rehome him.  He will live out his years with us at the sanctuary.


Meet the stunning Robbie!  He moved into Animals In Need in Sepember 2013 and lives with our other pony, Silver.

Minty, Delilah & Rosie

We have three resident sheep Minty, Delilah, and Rosie who were all saved from going to slaughter. They will live their lives out at the sanctuary.

Alfie & Bernie

Stunning Turkeys Alfie and Bernie will live forever at Animals in Need, safe from being eaten.


Ed is the newest, very handsome resident at the sanctuary.

Daisy, Lilly, Rosie and Arthur

Arthur always keeps the girls in check!  These funny animals are a firm favourite on the farm!


Silver is a handsome well, mannered lad. He came to us because he was a riding for the disbled pony but he had started to buck, so was unsafe to carry on doing his job. He is now retired and lives with Robbie.

Wobble, Lolipop & Wilber

These three piggies are firm favourites down on the farm, especially Wilber who was abandoned at the kennels when he was a little piglet.  They love living together in their piggy palace which was built at the farm.


Mork & Mindy

Mork and Mindy have joined all their friends in the pig house!


Gertrude keeps Alan and Frederick in check in their resident home!


Lola has joined the gang in the piggy penthouse pig pen!

Tillie & Sonny

More additions to our ever growing flock!

Harry, Tim & Tilly

These dogs were rescued from almost certain death in Romania. They are all still very nervous of people and so it has been decided that they will stay in our care indefinitely.


Flint and Alfie

Flint and Alfie are both Welsh Mountain Ponies and have joined us to enjoy their retirement from giving rides. Flint is nearly 30 and Alfie is 14.


Sherman is a 14 year old Sulcatta tortoise, he has joined us following the sad death of his owner. 


Senior Ridgeback Cross Paige will now stay with us for the rest of her life. She is a beautiful, cuddly girl who loves people but other animals not so much. She loves her volunteers, toys and treats. Why not sponsor her?